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Exploring Energy Efficiency and Alternatives (E3A) Curriculum

What: Fully self-contained agriculture and natural resource focused curriculum and education tools related to energy efficiency and renewable energy. The materials were developed jointly with Montana State University Extension.

How: The materials are available for review at the E3A website.

Selected Energy Presentations

  • Renewable Energy for the Home, Farm, and Ranch (pdf) view
  • Remote Solar & Wind Electric Stock Water Pumping: Technical Overview (pdf) view
  • Biodiesel: A Market Update (pdf) view
  • Small Hydropower: Exploring Feasibility – Finding a market, business structure, and incentives (pdf) view
  • High Tunnels and Energy (pdf) view
  • Irrigation and Energy (pdf) view
  • Renewable Energy Options in Wyoming (pdf) view

Assessment Tools to Guide Client Interest in Renewable Energy: These are the few key resources that you should know about aside from the UW website. Many are already linked in the website, but here is a separate list for the intrepid CES employee interested in energy. Also stay tuned for upcoming curriculum being jointly developed by Montana State and UW for a WSARE project entitled “Equipping Extension Educators to Address Producer Needs in Energy Education.”

General Information

Agriculture Clients
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (aka ATTRA or NCAT) – They provide many research based publications on farm energy topics. Some are very detailed while others are more general.