Tables and Figures

Table 1: Potential Hydropower Sites with Benefit Cost Ratios Greater than 1.0.
Table 2: Probable Cost Elements for Small Hydropower Facilities.

Figure 1: Small Hydro Development Flow Chart.
Figure 2: Small Hydro Feasible Projects and Existing Hydroelectric Plants in Wyoming.
Figure 3: Schematic of a Hydroelectric Dam.
Figure 4: Guernsey Dam and Powerplant.
Figure 5: Humphreys Hydro Siphon Intake.
Figure 6: Schematic of Run-of-River Hydropower.
Figure 7: Semi-Kaplan Turbine.
Figure 8: Folding Weir and Intake.
Figure 9: Pilot Butte Powerplant.
Figure 10: Purvis Drop.
Figure 11: Buffalo Hydropower Plant.
Figure 12: EnCurrent Hydrokinetic Turbine.
Figure 13: Hydrovolts – Roza Canal
Figure 14: Bear River Ranch Center Pivot.
Figure 15: Parshall Flume.
Figure 16: Rectangular Weir.
Figure 17: Triangular Weir.
Figure 18: Trapezoidal Weir.
Figure 19: Price Type AA Current Meter.
Figure 20: Stream Gauging a River Cross-section.
Figure 21: Portable Magnetic Flow Meter.
Figure 22: Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler.
Figure 23: Pressure Transducer Used to Measure Water Level in Streams.
Figure 24: Temporary Stream Gauge on Cottonwood Creek
Figure 25: USGS Orin Gauge on the North Platte River.
Figure 26: Flow Duration Curve with 30 percent Exceedance Indication
Figure 27: Net Head vs. Discharge for Various Penstock Diameters.
Figure 28: Low Head Powerhouse Schematic.

Figure 29: Medium to High Head Impulse Turbine Schematic
Figure 30: Reaction (Kaplan) Turbine Runner.
Figure 31: Impulse (Pelton) Turbine Runner.
Figure 32: Turbine Selection Chart.
Figure 33: Turbine Efficiency Chart for Various Turbine Types.
Figure 34: Two Jet Pelton Turbine.
Figure 35: Pelton Turbine Schematic.
Figure 36: Turgo Turbine Runner.
Figure 37: Turgo Turbine Schematic.
Figure 38: Cross Flow Turbine in Cross-section.
Figure 39: Cross Flow Exploded Schematic.
Figure 40: Francis Turbines at Carter Lake, CO
Figure 41: Francis Turbine Runner and Guide Vanes.
Figure 42: Kaplan Turbine Rotor Blade Positions.
Figure 43: Basic Layout of a Kaplan Turbine.
Figure 44: Kaplan Turbine Efficiency Comparison.
Figure 45: Cross-section of a Typical Vertical Axis Kaplan System.
Figure 46: Centrifugal Pumps Acting as Pump-as-Turbines.
Figure 47: Wyoming’s Electric Utility Service Areas.
Figure 48: Renewable Energy Certificate Flow Chart.
Figure 49: Tie Hack Dam.
Figure 50: Buffalo Hydropower Facility.
Figure 51: Hydro-mechanical Center Pivot.
Figure 52: Bear River Ranch.