The use of biomass is among the oldest and most diverse sources of renewable energy. Biomass can be used for generating electricity, transportation fuel, or space heating.

Large-scale use of biomass in Wyoming

Currently, no large-scale biomass electricity or central heating systems are located in Wyoming. Wyoming does have one operating ethanol plant located in Torrington.

Using wood waste, such as pine beetle killed trees, is also of interest in Wyoming. More research-based information is available from eXtension Wood Energy.

Small-scale use of biomass in Wyoming

Space Heating – Many Wyomingites have long used wood for heating homes and businesses. Advances in design have improved both efficiency and emissions. More information about design and potential uses is available from DOE Energy Saver’s: Wood and Pellet Heating.

Biofuels – Ethanol and biodiesel are the primary fuels created from biomass, but biodiesel is typically the fuel that can be created in small quantities by individuals or small groups. Biodiesel is made from animal fat or vegetable oils and can be used as a substitute for petroleum diesel.