Appendix B – Hydropower Resources

All links provided at: (or University of Wyoming Renewables – Hydroelectric)

  1. Wyoming Water Rights information
    1. Wyoming Water Law a Summary, UW Extension
    2. Wyoming Water Rights Database – login required
  2. Hydrology Resources
    1. Bureau of Reclamation – Water Measurement Manual
    2. Wyoming SEO – Historic Diversion & Stream flow Records
    3. Wyoming SEO – Real-time Stream flow Data
    4. National Weather Service – Stream flows
    5. USGS – Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center – Stream flows
  3. Topography and Mapping Resources
    1. USGS Topographical Maps – The National Map
    2. USDA Geospatial Data Gateway – National Elevation Data & Aerial Photography – GIS capabilities required
    3. Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center – GIS data, Imagery, Online mapping application
  4. Head Loss Resources
    1. Calculator for head loss in pipes using Hazen-Williams Equation
    2. Calculator for head loss in pipes using Darcy-Weisbach Equation
  5. Turbine Manufacturersviii
    1. Very small hydropower turbine and generators appropriate for net metering or off-the-grid applications.
      Manufacturer Website Name Turbine Type
      Cla-Val X143HP Pump-asturbine
      Energy Systems and Design LH1000 Stream Engine Propeller, Turgo
      Asian Phoenix Resources PowerPal Low Head PowerPal High Head Propeller, Turgo
      Harris Hydroelectric Harris Turbine Pelton
      Scott Cross Flow Turbine Cross flow
      Power Spout PowerSpout PowerSpout Low Head Pelton, Propeller
    2. Small Turbine Distributors:

      ABS Alaskan

      Energy Alternatives

    3. Hydro-mechanical Resources:

      Two Dot Irrigation and Supply LLC
      Leadore, Idaho

    4. Traditional turbines and generators, offering “water to wire” packages
      Manufacturer Website Turbine Type
      Cornell Pump Company Pump as turbine
      Canyon Hydro Pelton Francis Cross Flow Kaplan
      Rentricity Pump as turbine
      Canadian Hydro Components Kaplan Propeller Francis
      Dependable Turbines LTD Kaplan Propeller Francis Turgo Pelton Pump as turbine
      Toshiba International
      Kaplan Francis
      Pentair Tamar Kaplan Francis Pelton
      Ossberger Kaplan Movable Powerhouse (Kaplan) Cross flow
      Gilkes Francis Turgo Pelton
      Mavel Microturbines (propeller) Kaplan Francis Pelton
      Voith Hydro Kaplan Francis Pelton Ecoflow
      Andritz Propeller Francis Pelton
      Alstom Power turnkey-power-plants/small/ Kaplan Francis Pelton
    5. Emerging technologies that are new to the market or not yet commercially available or implemented in the U.S.
      Manufacturer Website Turbine Type
      Alternative Hydro Solutions Darrieus Water Turbine
      Hydrovolts Canal turbine
      New Energy Corp EnCurrent
      Hydro Green Energy Lock+ and Dam+
      Hydrodynamic Screws
      Ritz-Atro Archimedean Screw
      Andritz Archimedean Screw
      ReHart Archimedean Screw
      HydroCoil Power Small screw type turbine
      Low Head Turbines
      Natel America Hydroengine
      MJ2 Technologies SAS (VLH Turbine) Low Head (Kaplan)
      Propeller Turbines
      Amjet Propeller
      Clean Power Propeller
      In-Pipe Turbines
      Lucid Energy Vertical Axis
  6. Civil Works Resourcesviii
    1. Gates and Checks:Fresno Valves & Casting

      Golden Harvest, Inc.
      Obermeyer Hydro
      Safety Gates LLC
      Waterman Industries

    2. Screens and Trashracks:Atlas Polar Hydro Rake Systems

      Farmers Screen
      Hydro Component Systems
      Hydroscreen, LLC
      International Water Screen
      Intake Screens Inc.
      Lakeside Equipment Corp
      Norris Screens

  7. Controls Resources

    viiiPowerbase Automation Systems Inc.
    Thomson and Howe Energy Systems Inc.

  8. Permitting Resources

    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    USACE Wyoming Office
    Wyoming DEQ-WQD – Clean Water Act Section 401 Certification
    WYPDES & Construction Dewatering permits
    Department of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety

  9. Construction Cost Resources

    viiiEPRI, 2011, “Quantifying the value of Hydropower in the Electrical Grid: Plant Cost Elements”, Final Report 1023140, Palo Alta, CA

  10. Small Hydropower Consultants in Wyoming (inconclusive list)

    Baccari and Associates, LLC
    Sheridan, WY

    Cheyenne, Gillette & Riverton, WY

    Sunrise Engineering
    Cheyenne & Afton, WY

    Wenck Associates, Inc.
    Cheyenne & Sheridan, WY

  11. Technical Resources

    The Small Hydropower Handbook – Colorado Energy Office
    Micro Hydropower Handbook, Part 1 – DOE, Idaho Operations Office
    Micro Hydropower Handbook, Part 2 – DOE, Idaho Operations Office
    Water Energy Resources of the U.S. with Emphasis on Low Head/Low Power Resources – DOE
    New Stream-reach Development Resource Assessment – National Hydropower Asset Assessment Program
    Guide on How to Develop a Small Hydropower Plant – European Small Hydropower Association
    An Introduction to Hydropower Concepts and Planning – Canyon Hydro
    Low Impact Hydropower Institute – Certification Handbook
    Micro-Hydropower: Oregon Development Guide – Oregon State University Extension Service
    Small Hydropower Technology and Market Assessment – Energy Trust of Oregon
    Micro-Hydropower Systems: A Buyer’s Guide – Natural Resources Canada


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