About Us

[dropcap color=”#5e708d”]U[/dropcap]niversity of Wyoming Extension has long served as a source of unbiased, research-based information about profitable and sustainable agricultural systems, nutrition and food safety, sustainable management of rangeland resources, and community development and education. college of agricultureNow in partnership with the UW School of Energy Resources, Extension is also your source for information about renewable energy and energy efficiency!

The “Renewable and Efficient Energy – Solutions for Wyoming” is designed to provide UW-developed resources, such as publications and assessment tools, and a gateway to the many excellent resources of other partners, such as the United States Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Lab. It also serves as a filter to help ensure that the information you receive is both accurate and unbiased. The site can be searched by either type of technology, such as “solar energy,” or by topic such as “agriculture.” Unlike many other websites, you are also welcome to call UW Extension to get help navigating the website!

We hope this is a useful resource and please let us know what you think!